Global Manufacturing Control Practitioner   (GMCP)


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Full Certification / Module

Full Certification, Module 1 – Inventory in the Supply Chain, Module 2 – Importance of Customer Service, Module 3 – Business Communication, Module 4 – Calculations and statistics, Module 5 – Motivate and Build a Team, Module 6 – Purchasing and Procurement, Module 7 – MRP, Module 8 – CRP, Module 9 – Lean Manufacturing and JIT, Module 10 – Total Quality Management (TQM)

About the Certification




10 Modules


8 – 10 Months


4 – 6 Hours a Week


Online Learning

Fees & Payments

$70 / Module

$650 for the entire Certification

Why this Certification?

When it comes to industry, the most common and significant activity is manufacturing. Any product that you can think of from a soft drink can to the latest smartphone go through a process of manufacture. By providing a certification in manufacturing, SupplyChainSmart enables you to become skilled in this critical process.

To ensure a successful manufacturing system, there are numerous processes and parts that need to be coordinated. For this reason, major companies are always on the lookout for practitioners who have accredited skills in the sector.

While a number of specializations may experience a decline from time to time, no economy can do without the manufacturing sector. This is why pursuing a certification in this field is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

The Manufacturing Process Control Practitioner is responsible for managing the activities that occur on the shop floor and for ensuring the team works together to achieve objectives. This certification provides an explanation for the entire manufacturing control process which ultimately ends by meeting customer demands.

The Difference

Becoming a SupplyChainSmart student means you join a global network of students, facilitators and support personnel, all ready and committed to helping you through your studies. All our certifications are fully accredited with recognition in over 145 countries. Our content is created by expert developers in conjunction with leaders of industry.

This manufacturing training certification is flexible and accessible to ensure you are always connected. With a SupplyChainSmart certification, you open a gateway to a fulfilling career. You also have a wide breadth of industry options.

In this manufacturing training certification, we give you a deep understanding of all the skills needed to be successful in this role. There are 10 modules to be completed to gain certification in this field. Each course has 8 lessons, 8 quizzes and 4 practical assignments which need to be submitted.

Successful completion will lead to the Global Manufacturing Process Control Practitioner Certification, fully accredited by the IABFM.

Certification Outline

Over the duration of your studies, you will cover these modules:

Module 1 – Inventory in the Supply Chain
Module 2 – Importance of Customer Service
Module 3 – Business Communication
Module 4 – Calculations and Statistics
Module 5 – Motivate and Build a Team
Module 6 – Purchasing and Procurement
Module 7 – MRP
Module 8 – CRP
Module 9 – Lean Manufacturing and JIT
Module 10 – Total Quality Management (TQM)

Career Prospects

Once certified, these are just some of the career options to look forward to:

  • Shop Floor Controller
  • Production Scheduler
  • Master Production Scheduler
  • Production Planner
  • Manager – Production Control
  • Costing Manager
  • Senior Plant Controller