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Global Supply Chain & Procurement Practitioner (GSPP)

Globally Accredited Online Supply Chain Management Certifications & Short Courses

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Procurement Specialist, Supply Chain Specialist, Central Goods Manager, Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Manager & Supply Chain Analyst.

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20 Modules


8 – 10 Months


4 – 6 Hours a Week


Online Learning


R23300/Certification or R1200/Module


This certification zeroes in on the principal aspects of the supply/value chain, including ways to improve the sourcing of goods and services for any operation in the public sector. It also includes necessary of control and collaboration with distribution partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers.

Covering all the basics from the philosophy behind Supply Chain Management to Information Systems, you will be guaranteed of having a firm grip on end-to-end solutions. Particular emphasis is placed on the public sector, making the certification for individuals working in governmental institutions.

Whether a country is going through a recession or a boom, effective supply chain management is key to peoples’ welfare. For this reason, the Global Purchasing & Supply Chain certification is an invaluable tool for anyone in this sector.


Becoming a SupplyChainSmart student means you join a global network of students, facilitators and support personnel, all ready and committed to helping you through your studies. All our certifications are fully accredited with recognition in over 145 countries. Our content is created by expert developers in conjunction with leaders of industry.

This certification has a specific emphasis on public sector operations. It is designed to be flexible and accessible to ensure you are always connected. With a Supply Chain Smart certification, you open a gateway to a fulfilling career. You also have a wide breadth of industry options.

In this certification, we give you a deep understanding of all the skills needed to be successful in this role. There are 20 modules to be completed to gain certification in this field. Each module has 4 lessons, 4 quizzes and 1 practical assignment which need to be submitted.

You can either pay for the Full Certification at a discounted rate of R23,300 or choose to take a Module at a time by paying R1,200.

Each module is also a Short Course and can earn you credits at your own pace towards the Full Certification.

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Global Supply Chain & Procurement Practitioner (GSPP)


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Full Certification / Module

Full Certification, Module 1 – Supply Chain Philosophy, Module 2 – Supply Chain Performance, Module 3 – Supply Chain Technology, Module 4 – Supply Chain Environment, Module 5 – Supply Chain Operations, Module 6 – Supply Chain Relationships, Module 7 – Warehouse & Transport Logistics, Module 8 – Management Practice, Module 9 – Ethics in the Supply Chain, Module 10 – Strategic Sourcing Planning & Assessment, Module 11 – Supplier Negotiations, Module 12 – Supplier Selection & Performance, Module 13 – Contract Implementation, Module 14 – Contract Management, Module 15 – Inventory in the Supply Chain, Module 16 – Inbound & Outbound Logistics, Module 17 – Inventory Returns / Reverse Logistics, Module 18 – Project Management, Module 19 – Corporate Governance, Module 20 – Strategic Supply Chain Management

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